Crash and The Deer

Our dog Crash went to the bank with me today and he had a boat load of excitement, as we pulled into the bank he spotted a huge deer in the field behind the bank, and on our way home he got to bark at cows and sheep, quite a bit of excitement for a little dog who does not get out as much as he would like. If he got his way he would be able to run loose to bark and pester everything that he sees. But he has to stay either in the house or on a leash when he does get outside and you can tell he hates to be cooped up and he lets us know every chance he gets.

crash and his dear

Deer In The Field

Sunless Tanning Products A Great Alternative

There is so much concern about how powerful our beloved sun is and the large amount of skin cancer that is being seen due to folks spending way too much time in the sun without the correct amount of protection that is necessary these days. So it only makes sense that people are turning to alternatives such as sunless tanning products and the like.

People are always going to be concerned with their looks, much more than they worry about their health. Kind of crazy don’t you think?


New Drivers

One of the pure joys that I have with my job is training new drivers, some do not show up the first night. I understand that 2 am is a tough time to start working, but if someone says they want the job you think they would at least show up and try it. Some do not come back the second night, delivering newspapers is not as easy as it seems. I would guess we hire 10 people to fill each position that we have come open, and this week I had 3 open not a lot of fun. In fact it makes for a very frustrating week.

truck driver with newspapers

Daily News

Lost Keys

At some point in our lives each of us has lost something we needed or cherished, today I lost my keys and I never knew how lost I was without my keys, at every turn I needed a key and had to ask someone to get me that key and it was a pain in the you know where. I found them about 5 pm just as I was about to head home.

Of course after I called my wife to bring me the spare keys, you never find what is missing until you do not need it any more. I am going to get a Carabiner clip to hang my keys keys on one of my belt loops because I have found out how much you miss them if they are not where they are supposed to be.

no more lost keys

Carabiner 2″ / 5cm Assorted

Through The Roof Alice, Right Through The Roof!

This past winter we had an unusual amount of snow, which wreaked havoc on everyone’s lives around here!  Schools were being cancelled a lot – it seems that they were closed more often than they were open! Schools were scrambling to figure out how to catch up of the hours wasted without making the kids spend a good amount of their summer break in school.

After spending some time talking with Joe who tells me that their rescue department had been kept extremely busy responding to calls of people who were being injured because of the snow – heart attacks while shoveling, people falling off of their roofs, and even people who stuck their hands in their snow blower in an attempt to unclog the blades and lost a few fingers! Can you even imagine looking through the snow for someone’s fingers? Good grief!

Considering all of the extreme weather that we have been experiencing all year round I think that keeping your roof in good order is a must. The last thing anyone needs is to have their roof cave because of the rain, the snow or because someone is stuck on their roof waiting to be rescued. That would and could put a damper on someone’s day!