Lost Keys

At some point in our lives each of us has lost something we needed or cherished, today I lost my keys and I never knew how lost I was without my keys, at every turn I needed a key and had to ask someone to get me that key and it was a pain in the you know where. I found them about 5 pm just as I was about to head home.

Of course after I called my wife to bring me the spare keys, you never find what is missing until you do not need it any more. I am going to get a Carabiner clip to hang my keys keys on one of my belt loops because I have found out how much you miss them if they are not where they are supposed to be.

no more lost keys

Carabiner 2″ / 5cm Assorted

Through The Roof Alice, Right Through The Roof!

This past winter we had an unusual amount of snow, which wreaked havoc on everyone’s lives around here!  Schools were being cancelled a lot – it seems that they were closed more often than they were open! Schools were scrambling to figure out how to catch up of the hours wasted without making the kids spend a good amount of their summer break in school.

After spending some time talking with Joe who tells me that their rescue department had been kept extremely busy responding to calls of people who were being injured because of the snow – heart attacks while shoveling, people falling off of their roofs, and even people who stuck their hands in their snow blower in an attempt to unclog the blades and lost a few fingers! Can you even imagine looking through the snow for someone’s fingers? Good grief!

Considering all of the extreme weather that we have been experiencing all year round I think that keeping your roof in good order is a must. The last thing anyone needs is to have their roof cave because of the rain, the snow or because someone is stuck on their roof waiting to be rescued. That would and could put a damper on someone’s day!

My Granny

My grandmother is getting older but that doesn’t mean she’s slowing down. You won’t believe it but she’s even got her own blog at 87 years old! I got her hooked up with the internet last year and she’s been loving it, so much so that she started a granny blog, as she calls it, to keep the family up to date with her adventures. She’s constantly travelling with her friends or going to bridge nights and she even adopted a cat last year so that’s keeping her mighty busy with vets and all that. I hope one day when I’m her age I can hope to be even a tiny bit as active as she is – between pool aerobics and biking and even singing in the church choir I just don’t know how she has time for it all! I love her to death and I‘m happy to say that my grandma is still my inspiration.

granny is one active old gal

That’s My Very Active Granny

Interviews With Music Producers

It seems to me that giving my kid brother, David, a book that I found online entitled Backbeat Books Behind The Glass Volume II -  which contains numerous Interviews with music producers, would be a good gift for him on his 26th birthday. It seems like a good deal for $25. Not paying for shipping and handling is a plus indeed.If I remember correctly he has the Volume I that someone gave him a few years ago.

Dave has always had a deep love with anything to do with music but isn’t exactly easy to buy for. I hope that this book just might be a gift that he will like, appreciate and use. I would hate to see it just sitting on his bookshelf collecting dust and just taking up room like so many other books related to music that he has received in the past in an effort to put a smile on his face.

interesting interview to be found

Backbeat Books Behind The Glass Volume II – Interviews with music producers

New Mailboxes Around The Neighborhood

It was so cool to see how many people received some of the cutest decorative mailboxes during the Christmas holiday last year. I don’t think I have ever noticed so many new and unique mailboxes being put up at the same time before. While I still have just a plain old mailbox there seems to be a fad going on with custom mailboxes being placed and seen at the end of so many people’s drive ways.

There are John Deere tractor ones, cow hide ones, motorcycle ones, truck house and planter ones and my favorites are the ones that have been painted with a floral scene. Maybe one day I will take a look and see if there is a designer mailbox that floats my boat enough to buy one, but until then my plain old ordinary mailbox will just have to do, unless i get one as a Christmas present like so many folks in this neighborhood seemed to have had happen to them.