Gas Leak

As I was trying to get to the bank before 5 pm I ran into a grid lock and later I found out it was caused by a broken gas main. It is bad enough to have Monday traffic compounded by a road completely shut down. Plus they had to evacuate the bank so it was a totally wasted trip. I think I will just go to bed and see if tomorrow is a better day. I do not know how many more days like today I can have before I have a complete melt down.

Tactical Gear

This is the part of the year that I always enjoy. Summer is gone, the days are getting shorter, the evenings are cooling off nicely and hunting season is fast approaching. I’ve always enjoyed hunting since I was a kid when my Dad would take us boys out with him and his friends and we would have a blast camping, fishing and hunting together. It has always been a tradition for us to get together each year and continue our hunting trips and this year shouldn’t be any different unless someone gets ill or something serious like that. Each year I worry that my Dad won’t be up to it, he isn’t getting any younger and his health isn’t the way that it used to be, but so far so good.

I’ve been looking around on the Internet to see if there are any new items that we could use this year. I could use some new magazines and clips for the trip and our tent seemed to be on it’s last leg last year so I do believe that a new would be in order. My Dad got a new rifle for Christmas last year that he is looking forward to using this season, but I’m still going to depend on my old trusty weapon that I’ve used for years. Why mess with perfection?

Marilyn told me about some New Tactical Gear Products that I’ve been gazing at today. I’ve sent the link she sent to my Dad and my brother both in case they feel the urge to buy something new for this year’s trip. It’s a one stop shop for hunting supplies, law enforcement and military equipment that I always find fascinating to view and drool over from time to time. And I sent them a link for commercial fishing boats for sale that they might get a charge out of gazing at.

I can only hope for good health and good weather for us all this season, if all goes well it should be a good time for us all. And hopefully we will bring back some nice dear meat to enjoy all winter long.

Chips and Dip

My sweet tooth went away a long time ago. Now I crave salty snacks instead of cookies, candies, ice cream and the like. I want chips, popcorn and salted nuts when I start getting the munchies. Tonight I have a handful of Fritos corn chips. They are salty and crunchy and all I need is a few to satisfy that craving. Then I’m off to sleep.

corn chips


Getting To Know The New Neighbor and Her Poodles

Just got back from going on a long walk with a new neighbor and her 3 spoiled rotten French Poodles. It was a pleasant enough evening and all, the temperature had dropped nicely to a pleasant 72 degrees. The conversation was interesting and amusing enough to keep my spirits in good condition while walking along the streets and sidewalks of the city with these 3 very nicely groomed and charming looking French Poodles, that surprisingly enough walked very obediently along side us, for most of the time.

It was a good opportunity to get to know a new neighbor, good some fresh air after being stuck inside most of the day and the exercise certainly does me good. Too bad more people aren’t out walking, besides being good for you it is totally free and you can’t say that about much of anything these days.

Memories of Checking Out The Camp Lejune Homes For Sale

Men are hard to buy gifts for, so I’m always on the look out for gift giving ideas all year round. my grandfather enjoys a good cigar now and then and I do so enjoy the smell of a good pipe or cigar, as long as I’m not stuck in a car with one with the windows all closed up tight with no ventilation. That happened to me one day, as a kid.

I took a trip to North Carolina to check out some of the Camp Lejune homes that were up for sale then, with my best friend and her family, a long drive in normal conditions. When her father and her uncle each lite up a cigar only a few hours after leaving and they left the windows up. This made for a very long, sickly drive, the whole while I was wishing and praying that he would open up a window or two for the non-smokers that were all crammed together in the back seat.

Cuban Cigars are the most sought after cigars by my grandfather and on occasion I will find a good deal on them and pick them up for him. Since Christmas Day will be here soon I have started my search early this year and have turned to the Internet for help in the search for so many items that I intend to purchase in the next month or so. I have found a good selection to choose from and want to order them before too much longer and then be in a hurry and get stressed out at the last minute.

He has been working so hard this past year. At least he is doing something that he likes and that the pay is almost as good as back before the economy crashed in 2008. Not quiet as good, but darned close which is nothing to joke about I can tell you that. Lately he has been using a very cool tool that is becoming popular in the world of seamless tubes and pipes, these babies are seamless inconel tubes and inconel pipes that seems to be working out very well on the current project he is involved in and most likely will be doing so well up to next spring!

Having a steady income makes a huge difference. I know people that are working 4, 5 and 6 various part time jobs just trying to keep their head above water even though it has been 7 long years since so man people’s lives came crashing down. For us, there is light at the end of the tunnel, it is a very faint one, mind you, but at least it’s there. I wish more people could say the same.

seamless the only way to go

Seamless Inconel Tubes and Pipes