Secrets Posted

There certainly must be a lot of people who already know about the website called Post Secrets. This website has a new list every week of numerous secrets sent in by their readers on post cards. The post cards are usually hand made odd pictures or collages, and the secrets are for the most part unexpressed feelings of inadequacies or betrayal. Some are a bit darker, hinting at molestation, suicidal and/or violent thoughts and other serious issues, pretty creepy things being said on here folks.

I do find it interesting to read the various postcards and give those submissions some thought. You have to wonder why that person decided to share that secret at this point in their life. And I really would like to know if I might know any of those people from somewhere in my lifetime.


Today’s Corporate Law

It is a good thing that we have a good friend of the family that deals with all of today’s corporate law. Not every lawyer knows all the in’s and out’s of all that goes along with this fast growing and ever changing field. So far I don’t think any of us has really asked for any free advise or services, so it was just a matter of time before someone would need to.

This is a tough time for anyone to try and open up a small business. And with the economy still in such a fragile state and so much turbulence going on all over the world that effects us over here in the good old United States of America. So anyone who chooses to give it a try needs all the help that they can get. For free or at a discounted rate is all the better.

white collar

Today’s Corporate Business and Law

A Replacement Generator

This weather has gotten folks like myself outside as much as possible, enjoying the perfect environment for yard work, with no humidity at all and the temp constantly and consistently in the 70’s and low 80’s for the past couple of weeks. It won’t be long until we are slammed with the extreme cold that we always are dealt with in the winter time in this area, so you gotta grab and run with it when ever possible.

This afternoon I tackled the backyard shed and was dismayed to see how badly my generator is looking these days. Since I haven’t seen it since last year I had forgotten how sad that poor generator is and it was a reality check that I really needed so that I can start the search for a replacement generator some time in the near future. Most likely I’ll purchase a new one from Generators AtoZ with some of the money I should be getting back from my taxes from last year’s return.

Not having a working generator just doesn’t cut it around here. There are so many times that we lose power because of the crazy severe weather that causes such outages, sometimes just for a few hours and some times even lasting up to a full week. So I need to make sure that we are up to speed as soon as possible.

Crossing That Bridge When We Get There

As more and more people are flocking to the south, not necessarily the sunshine state that we have been calling Florida for as long as I can remember, but to the Carolinas, North and South. My parents have decided to relocate after they retire to greensboro nc where they have made many friends and have been visiting for the past several years. It is strange to think that they won’t be right close by, as they always have been, although it is only a 6 1/2 hour drive from here. But we won’t be able to just jump in the car and drop by for a few hours or so as we have all grown used to doing.

Not sure how we will all handle the holidays after they have retired. Lord knows tons of other families deal with long distance family relationships but we never thought that we would have to entertain those types of situations. I guess we could take turns and move the celebrations to where ever it’s practical to do so. So far my folks are in great shape and health so traveling isn’t a problem with them, but we all know that one day it will be too difficult for them to manage, not looking forward to that happening. Guess we will cross that bridge when we get there.

Video Conferencing

In our business it is very important to be able to communicate with our partners at all times, and the very best way to do this that I have found is use video conferences and the best of these products we have used is the Life Size Video conference tools.

Life Size has over 100 partners located in 30 countries so any where in the world I need to have a video conference it is a piece of cake to set up and to use. View the products that Life Size has to offer at and see if your business can use this fine tool to set up business video conferences for you.