Worth Every Penny

This time I am sending a good quality baby shower present to my baby sister in Florida who is expecting her 2nd baby in the middle of October. Last time I sent diapers and never heard the end of it, so this time I am ordering her a good quality stroller that I found online and I better be treated with a whole lot more respect after spending this much on her.

Don’t get me wrong she is worth every penny and I’m sure that my niece or nephew will be worth it as well. They are waiting until the big day to tell the sex of the baby which I think is pretty cool, not something that many people do these days. There are pros and cons for finding out in advance, I respect each individual persons decision when it comes to this type of exciting information that has become a routine test in this day and age of technology. I’m not sure what I would do if this were ever to happen to me in this point and time of my life.



Because It’s All About That Bass

There is a ton of helpful information available online to help people decide how to learn bass guitar. The 4 string bass guitar is well known for being the most popular guitar to start on for a variety of reasons. The main one that appeals to me is that they are more affordable and there is a huge variety to pick from to suite any individual’s taste.¬† You are most likely be able to find some type of a balance between it’s quality and affordability with a bass guitar.

Doing the proper research that has been made available to everyone who has access to the Internet can make a huge difference when it comes to the bottom line and a decision needs to be made. Although I believe that if I were going to make a choice in something like this I would really want to try my actually hand on a guitar before dishing out my hard earned money.

There are no longer any books stores in the area, there are still a few music stores around that you could go in and actually try various types out. But of course their selections are limited in comparison to the ones available online, which seem to be endless and would make it hard for me to narrow it down to just a couple to try out for starters. That is the Libra in me, we have a hard time making decisions and we tend to rely on others to help out at times.

research at your finger tips with the internet

A Great  Example of Finding The Best Guitar For Beginners





Loud Noises

My cousin and her 1 1/2 year old have moved in with us for a short but undetermined amount of time and I for one am not used to all of the noise. With just me and the wife and our dogs living here for so many years it has become very quiet for the most part and quiet is a way of life that I am used to and to be honest it is the way that I like it.

With us getting older and more set in our ways this might be a tough transition for us to deal with, but we are willing to give it a try to help them out of a bind. That is what family is all about, if you can’t count on family, just who are you supposed to count on. I can’t even imagine my life without all of my family. Coming from a large family has a lot of pro and cons. The older I get the more I see and can appreciate the pros rather than all the cons.


The Need For Peace and Quiet

Basic Core Family Values

Looking at one of my co-worker’s parenting plan, I was impressed by how thoroughly she had thought about all the things that come up requiring decisions about raising kids. The plan puts everything out on the table and says that this is the way she intends to raise her kids. Wouldn’t it be great if every young couple had to work through this parenting plan BEFORE they ever got pregnant and started raising a family. I mean, a lot of these issues could be the deal breaker that splits up the family sooner rather than later.

If you have considerably different values and beliefs from your spouse, the likelihood of the marriage lasting is slim to none. I say, recognize the trouble spots early and deal with them. By the time you bring a baby into the world it is too late to realize that you can’t abide by your spouse’s ideas of raising children and building a family. I realize that this sounds way old fashioned, but there really are some core family values that aren’t being put into place in so many households today. The reasons for this are a plenty but good planning and good core family values can make or break a relationship, one of the reasons that we have so many children coming from broken homes.



They say that the third time is a charm and Subway has messed up my last three orders, and I’m not charmed one bit. So the time has come for me to call the corporate office and file a complaint. On the receipt that they give you they ask for you to call a toll free number and complete a telephone survey, which to me is just a waste of time. I want to talk to a human voice and I would like my money back or a gift card to replace the money that I’ve wasted over the past couple of weeks there.