Our Local Library

One thing I really enjoy doing is going to the local library and finding cheap books for sale that they always have placed up at the front door that I can take home and read at my leisure instead of checking them out, using my card and only having a couple of weeks to read them.

I don’t do well under pressure! I also enjoy seeing all of the flyers, posters, announcements and other information that they have to offer in their widely used enclosed bulletin boards that just so happens to be up front as well. I always find something that is useful for me or someone close to me that they have posted on their glass enclosed bulletin boards. Which is more than I can say about some of the enclosed bulletin board displays that can be found around town.

And they always have all the tax forms that I need to use this time of the each and every year. I’m one of the old timers that still uses the paper forms and don’t do my taxes online, strange since I have a hatred for paper work.

everything you need at the library

The Local Library


2014/2015 Graduation Gifts

Finding the right alvarez guitar case to give to my nephew for his graduation gift this, yes we are all ready looking at graduations for theĀ  2014/2015 school year, has taken me more time that I expected. You see I just want to avoid any hassles with returns or shipping issues or anything that could possibly go wrong with an online order. Don’t get me wrong, I love how the Internet has made shopping for any product or service a much easier task to tackle, but I’ve been having issues with the last couple of orders and I guess I’m getting a bit gun shy.

I did do most of my holiday shopping online this year. Didn’t miss the crowds at the local mall one bit! What I have really taken to the whole idea and concept of gift cards lately. Which is the path I am thinking I am going to take for this particular purchase. That way the heat is off of me and he can make sure he gets what he wants and needs at that time. I’ll be seeing him either over Easter or Memorial Day, well before graduation day gets here and give it to him at that time. Works for me!

graduation gift

Alvarez DC2 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Case w/ Hygrometer

Moms New Scooter

My Mother got her a new scooter to help her get around on and it has made her life so much easier. She got help getting her electric wheelchair from Medicare and it did not cost her a cent out of her pocket.

The Scooter Store was so very helpful and they made this an easy situation for my Mom and that makes me very happy. The employees went out of their way to make sure this happened for my Mom and I can not thank them enough. Now Mom is very mobile again.

Morning Glory For Our Garden Arbor

I’ve been seriously thinking about buying an arbor and planting something to grow on it. The main problem that I’m having is deciding exactly what I want to grow on the darn thing. I’ve seen some beautiful vinyl arbors with clematis growing on it, but I’m a little bit leery with clematis. I’ve never been able to get it to thrive for me and believe me I have tried.

I’ve seen some really nice garden arbors with climbing roses on them, but I’m always thinking about Japanese Beetles with roses. My wife has suggested that maybe we should try some Morning Glorys since they are very hardy plants and come in some wonderful colors. So today while I was at the local Tractor Supply store picking up a few things that I’ll be needing here real soon with the change of weather I found a couple of packets of different colored Morning Glory seeds that were on sale and brought them home to show the wife. If she agrees with my choices then I’ll start looking around for the perfect arbor for our particular style and taste.

March Weather Madness

It’s finally the month of March and we couldn’t have asked for better weather for the much anticipated month. Yesterday was a bit chilly and rainy all day, the type of day that makes your bones ache and all you want to do is stay in bed under the warm blankets or in a hot tub.

Got up this morning and found today to be sunny, dry and expected to be in the high 70’s! What a great way to start the month of March. And to think that it was snowing for a couple of days last week. It’s gonna be a crazy weather kinda spring and summer!

march weather madness

Crazy March Weather