I am always amazed that so many people do not know about Pierogies. These are wonderful, tasty dumplings stuffed with potatoes and cheese. I buy them frozen at Sams Club and boil however many I need for my meal. They cook up in just 5 minutes and only need butter, salt and pepper – or you can sauce them with spaghetti sauce, white gravy, beef gravy or salsa for a variety of extra flavors. They are a great side dish with just about any meat you serve at dinner.



Airbrush Tanning Machines

To be honest I don’t think I would ever got to the extreme of using one of the new fangled airbrush tanning machines that are so popular with so many people these days. I do know a few folks that pay to get a tan, but for me I just think that the natural old fashioned way of being outside for a healthy amount of time is the way to go, besides the sun provides us with the much needed Vitamin D that so many of us are lacking in our diet.

the need for vitamin D

Not For Me Thanks

How to Get the Most for Your Trade-in

Selling a car can take a lot time and can be stressful. Many people prefer to trade-in their car and that is an option whether you are buying new or used. If you want to trade-in your car at a used car store like Auto Source Wholesale, here are some tips to get the most out of your trade-in.


Knowledge is power so if you check online you can find an estimation of your car’s trade-in value. Also check for the prices a car like yours is getting in your area. This will give you an idea of the market and what you can expect.

Clean the Car

A good cleaning and detailing can help boost the price you get for your car. The cost of a detail could easily add hundreds of dollars to your trade-in price.

Understand Dealer Expectations

If your trade-in is in really good condition, like no accidents or new paint jobs, the dealer will give you a fair price. If it is an older car that has been through a lot, the dealer will probably offer a price close to what he can get selling it on the wholesale market. A dealer expects to profit between 2 and 4 percent on your trade-in. He also has to calculate the cost it will take to make the car ready for sale.





Lo Jack for Bikes

Got a flier in the mail today that actually caught my interest. Usually I don’t even glance at the junk mail and just toss it in the trash, but for some reason – maybe the photo of the rad bike on the front – I took a look at the flier from Progressive Insurance about their new program offering LoJack for bikes. LoJack is offering Progressive Insurance customers a $50 rebate and Progressive is offering a 20% discount in a partnership to promote this new stolen vehicle recovery system.

I didn’t know until I read this flier that LoJack is the only stolen vehicle recovery system actually operated by the police. Having LoJack installed gives bike owners more peace of mind that their bike is safe or will be quickly recovered if stolen. That along with the money saving incentives from both companies has me putting this flier aside and I’ll look at it again tomorrow with the thought of signing up for this. I had plenty of friends that ride bikes that I’d like to talk to and what they know and what they have heard about this interesting security feature that may be a sign of the times. Nothing is safe and sacred anymore I’m afraid.


Wishful Thinking

Talking with my son about the I.R.S., it made me remember the days when I would get a refund from Uncle Sam and use the money for fun things. These days if and when I get a refund the money goes to things needed around the house, the yard or for any of the vehicles that need work.

If I was able to use any or all of the money for something fun I would certainly entertain the thought of purchasing one of the best guitars that I could find for a beginner like myself.

Unfortunately next year I don’t think our refund will be all that exciting, if at all, and if we get anything I’m afraid it will go to pay off a credit card or two.

At the end of the day, it’s all good!