Tabletop Multi-Player

The Pioneer cdj 900 – Tabletop Multi-Player that I have been eyeballing for the last couple of months is now looking even better since I just received an email notice from my bank that my tax refund money has been direct deposited into my checking account. This particular multi-player has so many uses and will make any DJ a happy camper by not having to bring their laptop along with them anymore. The less gear and equipment to lug in and out the better.

soon to be mine

Pioneer CDJ-900 – Tabletop Multi-Player

Thyroid Imbalance Is Managable

It is weird how I have been hearing so much about Thyroid imbalance issues. I knew the Thyroid was important, but it seems it is more crucial than I knew. There are simple tests that allow your doctor to find out if it is a Thyroid imbalance and a lot of information is out there for people who are effected by this imbalance. Knowledge is power and the Internet sure has given us a lot of power these days.


One of the things that I really miss in the winter is lemonade. This springtime special is not as tasty in the winter you just do not feel like having lemonade when it is cold outside, hot tea and hot chocolate are a lot more winter time treats to me at least. I really love spring and all the special things that are better in the warm seasons including lemonade. Baseball and lemonade are two of my favorite spring time treats.

Looking At Various Cruise Ship Jobs

Although most people have thought and dreamed about working on a cruise ship in one way or another. Lord knows there are tons of jobs/careers that need to be filled on these huge cruise ships of today, that are traveling back and forth all over the world. It does sound like a boat load (excuse the pun) of fun and fantasy, but I have talked with a few people in my life time that have actually worked in one capacity or another on a cruise ship and in all reality a job is job, work is work and it is all on what you make of it.

My niece has been contemplating looking for work next summer on a cruise ship. She graduates from high school this summer and wants to work and travel (working on a cruise ship covers both of those wishes) before going to college in the next couple of years. She sent me a couple of links telling me that I can read about these particular cruise ship jobs here and let me know my feelings on the different positions, companies and ships. I’m not sure why she thinks I will be of any help in the decision making progress, but I’ll be glad to check them out and give her my honest opinions and any feed back that I think would be useful.

Our Local Library

One thing I really enjoy doing is going to the local library and finding cheap books for sale that they always have placed up at the front door that I can take home and read at my leisure instead of checking them out, using my card and only having a couple of weeks to read them.

I don’t do well under pressure! I also enjoy seeing all of the flyers, posters, announcements and other information that they have to offer in their widely used enclosed bulletin boards that just so happens to be up front as well. I always find something that is useful for me or someone close to me that they have posted on their glass enclosed bulletin boards. Which is more than I can say about some of the enclosed bulletin board displays that can be found around town.

And they always have all the tax forms that I need to use this time of the each and every year. I’m one of the old timers that still uses the paper forms and don’t do my taxes online, strange since I have a hatred for paper work.

everything you need at the library

The Local Library