Safety First with Rubber Mulch

It has taken a while but the new school playground looks as if it is about ready to be played on by all of the school kids that have been without a playground for way too long. Too bad this opening is going to happen at this time of the year. It is getting colder with each passing day, the holidays are fast approaching us and the schools are closed more than they are open from Thanksgiving straight through to the New Year. January seems to be such a strange month to have a Grand Opening as they are now planning out come the first of the year.

The neighborhood kids will have a blast though, school playgrounds are always enjoyed by all of the other kids through out the year, during the evening hours and the weekends, so at least some one will be enjoying the new playground surface built with today’s new and improved rubber mulch. The same shredded rubber mulch, manufactured by Rubberecycle, that was used for the first family’s (The Obama’s) new playground that they had built at the White House pretty much as soon as they moved into the White House to help entertain their two young daughters and their many friends. I remember how that particular event made the headlines and how proud everyone was that the Obama’s had chosen this particular environment friendly bulk rubber mulch.

Anyone remember seeing this picture in the papers, the TV and all over the Internet?

White House playground

White House playground

Now Using Rain Barrels

The rain barrels that we have been using for the past 3 or 4 weeks have been working out real well. Only one of them is needing a rain barrel downspout diverter, which I have ordered online today and should be getting next week. It’s amazing how much water gets poured into those things that I have been able to reuse for all kinds of purposes lately.

The garden has been getting a lot of it which is helping with the well water that we seem to have issues with around the end of the summer each year. What makes the house water even better is the Indianapolis Reverse Osmosis that we had installed last year. I am very picky about the water that I drink. It really isn’t cool to be buying water and bringing it into the house. It’s a lot of money and hard labor, besides the fact that the bottles are clogging up up our landfills, unless of course you recycle them, which of course I have always done.

I’m sure this year we won’t be any different with out water usage. Most likely worse with all of the extreme heat we have been dealing with so far.

iosmosis in reverse

Good Water For Everyone In The House

Sub Sandwich

We have a great sub shop here close to our house, Jersey Mikes is a great sub chain that we really like to frequent. They make a wonderful sub sandwich and I really like their bread. That is the reason I do not go to some of the other sub chains is I do not like the bread and what is a sandwich without good bread. I get the wheat bread most of the time and it is so very soft and tasty, makes the whole sandwich great. I like either the number eight or nine the club subs.

Sail Away

Today would be perfect to be on the lake in a sail boat. Only one problem we do not have a sail boat. I would love to have a nice sail boat but that would mean that I would need to learn to sail a boat and at my age I am not sure if I could even learn to do that! I mean as you get older it tends to be harder to learn some things!

On a more serious note I would love to learn to sail a boat I think it would be a lot of fun and something that is on my bucket list.

sail boating

Sail Away

Smart Energy Saving Solutions

It seems that every time I turn around I am hearing the specialist telling us ways to reduce our bills. The problem is that they are always telling us the same old same old ways. Considering how long our economy has been in trouble, these lists of ways to save seriously need some new ideas for us to try and utilize.

There is one thing that I don’t hear a lot about is the benefits of having an home energy audit done on your place of residence. They have specialists that can and will perform a diagnostic assessment and then help you determine what cost effective measures that you can take to make your home as comfortable as it should be as well as reducing your monthly energy bills.

There are ways to apply for the federal grants for home improvement that can help with the cost of making your home more energy efficient. You can go online and find information about these home improvement grants. I found some good info at the Homeenrgyteam website that I would encourage anyone to check out if you have the need or the want to find ways to take action on these energy saving solutions.