Unsafe Food On The Rise

Everyday it seems we have more and more unsafe food in our world. How long will it be and there will be no good food left, unless you grow it yourself do you really know how safe your food you buy is. I try to buy the best produce possible and the best meat but everyday there is a recall of one sort or another. Everything we eat is processed to one degree or another, it is very hard to raise your own meat when you live in a city, maybe moving to the country is one option.

I have found a great little market that when I am in the area I do stop buy and some of their home grown meats and milk that really taste great but do cost a bit more than what we can buy in any of the grocery stores in town. Well worth the extra money for the taste and for the health benefits as well. Supporting a local family run small business makes me feel good asĀ  well. They are always very nice to me and make me feel appreciated and liked. I’ve turned a lot of people onto this new little market that is tucked away in a strip mall, so it isn’t really easy to see and find off of the main road. I wish I could remember the name of the place as I’d love to place the link here on my blog, I can’t even put my fingers on their business card that was floating around in the kitchen for the last couple of months.

When I either find the card or remember the name I’ll be glad to post it here and encourage any local readers to stop by and try some of their products.

Dr Seuss and I

Dr. Seuss was always one of my favorites as a kid. You can imagine how excited I was when I found out that we shared the same birthday! As an adult I still enjoyed reading his numerous books to my kids when they were still little and really got into me reading to them and whenever one of his movies come out you can bet that we are there on the first night that it comes to our local theater.

Today on Facebook someone posted this quote of his and Ijust couldn’t resist sharing it on my Facebook Wall as well as here on my blog today.


Dr. Seuss

Candy Gone

Jimmy Kimmel did a montage of home videos where the parents of little kids were falsely told by their parents that there was no more Halloween candy left. Some of the parents said that the parents ate it while the kids were asleep. The reactions were predictable – the kids threw themselves into the floor in despair, crying out.

The audience laughed hysterically throughout the segment. I don’t think that was funny and I don’t think it was OK for the parents to lie to their kids, deliberately provoking or distressing them. Why is that funny?

When I went on YouTube to see if they had a video of this particular show I was pleased to see that they did, but I wasn’t prepared to see how many other videos there are about the same subject, sigh…..

Netbook or Notebook?

The ads for netbooks and notebooks seem have the pricing very close. If you shop carefully you can find both priced for under $300.

So I wonder if there is any real value in getting a netbook or should I just stick with a notebook? I like the idea of the netbooks being small and lightweight.

I would like to keep it in the car and just use it when I am at work waiting for a delivery or stuck in the doctor’s office or dentist waiting room. I wonder if the battery lasts long enough to be useful? Are there any problems with a netbook that I don’t know about?

Worth Every Penny

This time I am sending a good quality baby shower present to my baby sister in Florida who is expecting her 2nd baby in the middle of October. Last time I sent diapers and never heard the end of it, so this time I am ordering her a good quality stroller that I found online and I better be treated with a whole lot more respect after spending this much on her.

Don’t get me wrong she is worth every penny and I’m sure that my niece or nephew will be worth it as well. They are waiting until the big day to tell the sex of the baby which I think is pretty cool, not something that many people do these days. There are pros and cons for finding out in advance, I respect each individual persons decision when it comes to this type of exciting information that has become a routine test in this day and age of technology. I’m not sure what I would do if this were ever to happen to me in this point and time of my life.