Since I just finished up my taxes online, I thought that this would be a great photo to post here. This makes me wonder if someone actually did list our Federal Government as a dependent and if so what type of response he will get from Uncle Sam. I’d love to be there when the IRS get this guys return.



Guitar Strings for Classic Electric Guitars

For years now I’ve been strolling down memory lane, looking at pictures of my old friends from school. I came across one picture in particular and it hit me. I used to be in a band my friends and I had put together while in school, and I instantly wanted to get the old band together again after all these years.

I had called around to see if everyone wanted to get together and try to play again like old times. Everyone was thrilled and excited to hear that I wanted to get the old band back together, and visit each other after all this time. I had asked everyone if they had their old instruments, knowing my old guitar was stuffed away in a storage unit my Mother has been renting for a few years.

I called my Mom and asked if she could come along with me to the storage unit to look for my old guitar and to my surprise she would meet me there in an hour. After ripping and tarring the unit apart, I had finally found my old guitar. My strings needed replacing for sure, so I went on home after putting everything back and sat down at my computer to look around on the net for classic electric guitar strings. In no time I found an awesome site that offered the best strings for an unbelievable price.

Needless to say when I got my guitar ready and everyone was here, we jammed out and had a great visit.

Seeing Red For Once

After being in the red for the last five years, my parent’s small business is actually starting to show a small profit. They were told not to expect to make any type of profit for the first three years in normal times. During this economic crisis since 2007 they have been told that that three year mark has risen to the five year mark.

They have worked so hard together at this store. I had them look into the workflow management software from that I had heard so much about from other small businesses that have found their selves in the same boat, just trying to hold on until all of this nonsense finally gets under control. No one knows how long that will be, we can only pray that it ends sooner rather than later.

My Grandfathers Piano Bench

My grandfather came over from England back in the 1920′s as a musician looking for work. He came over with a couple of his brother’s and went to Canada first, but wasn’t impressed with the people (as the story goes) so then they made their way down to New York. There was plenty of work in New York City for people in the entertainment world, but some how he ended up moving a bit more south and eventually settled down in Vienna, Virginia. That is when he sent the money over for his sweetheart (my grandmother) to come over from England to join him.

He worked many various jobs during the day and then would take off for most of the evening to play his music all over the metropolitan area. The man was good with his hands, I still have the piano bench that he made so many decades ago. It matches the piano that is in our family room perfectly and is still filled with a lot of the sheet music of the tunes that he played, some that he wrote himself way back then. This piano bench is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in the whole house and I hope that it will stay in the family for many more decades in the future.

Discount Hot Tub and Spa Supplies

It is good to know that I can just jump online to find most of the things that I need now a days instead of having to run into town each time I discover that I need or want some thing. Today I found a great website that sells the hot tub filters that I need for the new hot tub that we got last year that I so enjoy soaking all of my aches and pains away in when ever I want in my own back yard.

At they have a great selection of discount hot tub and spa supplies, I even found that they are currently offering a great deal on the hot tub chemicals that all hot tubs require to keep them safe and clean. And the fact that they accept PayPal makes them even more appealing to online shoppers like myself that only use PayPal for online purchases, which I’m glad to hear more companies are finally coming around to realizing since more and more folks are using the Internet for a good amount of their shopping needs.