Adjustable Clamps

It looks like I am going to restock my tool box with some of the auto-adjust toggle clamps that my dad was showing off to me over the weekend. This auto-adjust toggle clamp is so easier to work with, wish I had known about them before. I certainly would haven’t kept buying those regular clamps that there is always such a need for around the place. It might take me a while to get a good supply up and going but it will be worth it, I’m sure.




Well this year we (my siblings and I) have decided to pitch in all together and purchase a nice keytar for our cousin Henry to enjoy opening up on Christmas morning and continue to use for ever and a day. Henry has had so many set backs this year. He lost his job, his house, and then the wife. It’s a good thing he had several running vehicles since not having transportation can through a huge kink in the wheel of life.

Henry has always held a special place in our hearts since he was a very sickly child and the family all pulled in together and made sure that he had as good as a life as possible. He spent a lot of his childhood in and out of hospitals, which he was never left alone at. There was always at least two family members there with him and we all became totally attached to Henry from day one.

He has grown into a pretty decent young man. He is going to college and is determined to make something of himself. In the mean time we are still looking after him and cheering him on, beating all the odds and bringing happiness to so many people in this crazy messed up world.

guitar center's keytar


Pumpkin Face

It just amazes me how far we have come with the art of carving pumpkins. I still have a hard time just carving the minimum two eyes and a mouth, but then I’ve never been all that artistic.

pumpkin sculptor

pumpkin sculptor

North Carolina’s Bernhardt Furniture Stores

Back when I was a kid my mother always wanted me to go down to North Carolina with her to look at all of the wonderful bernhardt furniture stores that she dreamed of buying furniture from. As I kid I had no idea how important this was to my mother, I feel bad because I always managed to blow her off and she had no one else to take the trip with back then.

These days one only has to go online to find items that are available, without a long drive being involved. But sometimes a nice long drive can do a body good. I wish that I had the time to do more long distance driving, especially during this time of the years. This is the perfect time for a drive in order to enjoy all the beautiful trees that are exploding into various colors before totally losing their leaves for the hard winter that lays ahead of us.

Cars with Bumper Stickers

Just read a report that cars that have bumper stickers are much more likely to be involved in road rage incidents. The larger the number of bumper stickers the higher the chance they will be involved. Factor in the color, red cars are much more likely to be involved, add the use of cell phones to the mix and you get road rage times ten. It is almost not safe to go out on the road anymore. Better to stay home and knit than venture out to work.

I have always hated to put a single bumper sticker on any of my vehicles, since I turned 30 something. I just started to realize how a bumper sticker(s) can really cheapen the look of a vehicle. I don’t care how nice the sticker looks, or what it says or has a picture of nor does it matter where it is placed on the vehicle. Another issue is that I prefer to remain as unnoticed and remain under the radar as possible. I won’t even put personalized license plates on my vehicles either. I just want to blend in with all the other discreet drivers that are out there with me on sharing the roads.