Online Degree Programs

It seems that more and more people are taking to going back to school by using any of the numerous online degree programs that are available to the general public these days. My kid brother is currently working on getting his masters in public administration, my sister-in-law is taking rn to bsn online programs as I type this post. I know this because I just got off of the phone with her and she blew me off because she was busy with her many assignments that she is currently in the middle of. And my niece is taking her high school classes online since she isn’t able to attend public school due to her various health conditions that keep her from attending the “normal” classroom settings that most kids are stuck attending. She is doing very well and will most likely be graduating earlier then most of her friends and classmates, which has her and her mother thrilled to pieces.

I have always wanted to go back to school and take some classes that I have gained an appreciation and an interest in these days. Back when I went to school I was too busy with a social life and the love of cars and football, so I really wasn’t interested in what the teachers were trying to get through my thick skull back then. If I did go back to school I’m really not sure if going back to a formal classroom setting or if I would do better using the Internet and all that it has to offer today’s students. Part of me would like to be in a classroom, but with all of the busy schedules around here these days I’m not sure if I could make that scenario work for everyone involved. That is part of me that thinks taking some courses online would be a much better way to go.

I have become very interested in History. The U.S. History of course, but also World History as well and how religion has had such an impact all over the world throughout the centuries. I have read a good amount of books over the years and have learned so much, but I think that I would learn and maintain a lot of the knowledge if I had someone to talk to and compare notes and interests with. And I’m just not going to find anyone who fits that bill around here.