Plenty of Online Degrees To Be Had

With the economy still in such turmoil and not showing any signs of improving any time soon, we are still seeing a rash of people going back to school in order to further their education in an effort to find a decent paying job after all of their hard work and graduation. And since so many of us are so busy with numerous other events, like working several jobs, trying to raise our families, doctor and dentist appointments, running our households, doing yard work, taking care of elderly parents, running around to soccer, basketball, baseball, football, cheer leading, gymnastics and other sports that most kids are involved in, it doesn’t leave much room for us to go back into a class room setting.

Currently my sister is seriously checking into getting her masters degree in public health via the Internet, which I think she will certainly excel in (the classes and the field) since she is smart as a whip as well as having a heart of gold and she was blessed with a good level head on her shoulders. The world could use a lot more good people just like her, not only in the public health fields but in any field these days. I know it must sound weird, me bragging on her so much but we come from a fairly large family that has had it’s fair share of issues that have really taken their toll on many of our siblings and other close relatives and she has managed to stay out of trouble and tow the line all this time. We have always been very close and I am so very proud of her.

So these popular online classes seem to be filling up quickly and rightfully so. I know of a couple of people that have recently gotten their¬†degree in human services online.¬† We all spend so much time on our computers that it just makes sense to take advantage of these readily available online classes that are being offered more and more each year. I myself would enjoy going back into the classroom and get the whole classroom experience, but that is just me. And since the kids are older now and my folks are still pretty much in good health I could go back to school, the old fashioned way. I think I would enjoy the interaction with the other students and the teachers as well, although I didn’t enjoy that aspect of my education during my formal schooling years. Too bad that youth is wasted on the young!